Mr. Semir Osmanagić                       
The Faculty of Political Science,
University of Sarajevo 

Doctoral dissertation on the subject:

Non-technological Civilization of

Mentor: Prof.dr. Hidajet Repovac, History of the Civilizations
Sarajevo, June, 2007.

What qualifies this work for Doctoral dissertation?

1.  The theses presented are the result of the author’s original research.
2.  The very title of the dissertation poses the hypothesis that the Maya were a true civilization--a hypothesis proven by the use of widely-accepted scientific methods.
3.  The goal of the theses is to present original scientific contributions to existing knowledge about Maya culture.
4.  In order to conduct comparative analyses between Western and Mayan Civilizations,, the author established a set of primary and secondary comparative parameters.   There is no scientific precedence that could serve as an example of this pioneering research and analyses.

This doctoral dissertation is a novelty in regards to the official and sanctioned knowledge about the Maya culture:

  • Maya culture represents a Civilization as opposed to the approach of the Maya as an “Indian Tribe” or “Neolithic Culture”
  • The thesis denies the existence of the Maya culture after the 10th century even though wide ranges of the official hypothesis have been established regarding the continuity and decline of the civilizations in Yukatan after the 10th century.
  • The indisputable examples of acoustic engineering, mathematics, astronomy and quartz head skull technology establish the thesis about the Maya as a civilization capable of solving complex technological problems.
  • Dating the Maya and placing them much deeper into the historical time frame, this work intends to change the historical sequence of the emergence of other cultures in Central-America.  Assertions that the Zapotecs (or Olmecs, depending on the author) were the cradle of all other cultures (including the Maya, Toltecs and Mistecas) are no longer valid. The archaeological evidence shows that the Maya are the oldest civilization in this region.

    This doctoral dissertation presents a challenge: it opens a new path that has never been modeled before as the scientific evidence speaks for itself.