The First International Scientific Conference about the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids (ICBP 2008) was held between August 25-30, 2008 in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. More than 50 scientists from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Poland, Great Britain, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina took part at the Conference. Distinguished archaeologists, geologists, physicians, Egyptologists, chemists, architects, geodesic experts and other participants presented dozens of their papers. 



Committee for Recommendation which consisted of: 

  • dr. Nabil Swelim, Egyptologists and archaeologist, President of the ICBP 2008
  • dr. Oleg Khavroshkin, geophysicist, Chairman of the ICBP Scientific Committee
  • dr. Alaa Shaheen, archaeologist, Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology at the Cairo University
  • dr. Hassan El-Saady, historian, vice-dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Alexandria University
  • dr. Anna Pazdur, physician, Lab for the radiocarbon dating, Silesian University, Gliwice, Poland
  • dr. Mona Haggag, archaeologist, Secretary of the Archaeological Sociaety of Alexandria, Egypt
  • dr. Ivan Šimatović, President of the Organizational Committee, Croatia
  • dr. Jiao Nanfeng, Director of Archaelogical Institute for Shaanxy Province, China
  • dr. Mostafa El-Abbadi, historian, Founder of the modern Library in Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandrina), Egypt
  • Chris Norman, planner, Edinburgh, Velika Britanija
  • Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Aly, Egyptologist and archaeologist, Faculty of Art at the University Ein-Shams, Cairo
  • Semir Osmanagić, Founder of the „Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun“ Foundation and Vice-President of the ICBP 2008

prepared the Draft of Recommendations on August 28th, which was approved by all participants on August 29th at the plenarry session.  


We, the participants of the First International Scientific Conference „Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids“ (ICBP 2008) conclude: 

  1. Work at the archaeological location „Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids“ in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is an important geo-archaeological and epigraphical research that requires further multidisciplinary scientific research which should answer the origin of the Bosnian pyramidal hills and the extensive underground tunnel network as well as other archaeological sites in the vicinity;
  2. ICBP Conference recommends that Second International Scientific Conference about the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids should be held in Sarajevo in two years (2010) and gather experts in pyramid research from all over the world;
  3. ICBP Conference introduce the initiative to establish Centre for Pyramid studies with headquarter in Sarajevo;
  4. ICBP Conference recommends universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to establish study at the graduate level for archaeology as a support to the reasearch project „Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids“.
Date: August 29, 2008

Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina